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Smoked White Balsamic Reduction

Smoked White Balsamic Reduction

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Introducing our exquisite Smoked White Balsamic Reduction. Made from premium white balsamic vinegar, each batch undergoes a slow reduction process, intensifying its rich flavors.

But what sets our product apart is the delicate touch of cold smoking. Unlike traditional hot smoking, cold smoking gently infuses the balsamic reduction with subtle hints of smokiness without compromising its original essence. This process ensures a balance
between the tangy sweetness of the balsamic and the nuanced smoky undertones, resulting in a truly exceptional culinary experience.

Ideal for both savory and sweet dishes, our White Smoked Balsamic Reduction adds depth and complexity to a variety of recipes. Drizzle it over grilled vegetables for a smoky-sweet twist, glaze roasted meats to perfection, or even elevate desserts like strawberries and cream with a touch of sophisticated smokiness.

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