African Oils are full of natural goodness, with a good story to tell. To make them, the finest quality produce is sourced from environmentally sustainable growers across South Africa. No chemicals are used in the production of our oils, and they are preservative and colourant free.

Our speciality has always been extra virgin olive oil and we offer the freshest, tastiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil available. However, we encourage you to sample and experiment with other extra virgin oils which are as healthy and tasty. 

What is an oil without a vinegar?  We at African Oils can truly offer you the best vinegars in the World grown and produced in Stellenbosch. Vinegar Hill’s range of Tomato, Lemon, Raspberry, Granadilla, are all 100% natural vinegars made purely from the fruit.  The herb vinegars, Basil and Thyme made with selected Grape Cultivars, capture the essence of the herb and are used enthusiastically by leading cooks and chefs. And don’t forget our gifting and related product sections which offer stylish Italian oil dispensers from Sansone and hand crafted chopping boards from Chefs Block.