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5L Toasted Macadamia Oil

5L Toasted Macadamia Oil

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Alternative to Plastic Containers

We now offer a 5L metal tin alternative to our plastic containers for customers looking to reduce plastic consumption. Although slightly more expensive, it's a sustainable choice. Click on option below to confirm new price.


This premium macadamia oil is meticulously crafted from macadamia nuts that undergo a slow and careful toasting process. This specialized technique is employed to heighten the natural nuttiness of the macadamia nuts, enhancing their flavour profile with a delightful depth and richness. The nuts are gently toasted to perfection, allowing their inherent oils to develop a nuanced and robust aroma. This meticulous toasting process not only intensifies the nuttiness of the macadamias but also imbues the resulting oil with a subtle buttery essence, contributing to its exceptional flavor profile. The outcome is a premium macadamia oil that encapsulates the essence of carefully selected nuts and expert craftsmanship, delivering a truly unparalleled culinary experience

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