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Olio Nuovo is the Freshest, Healthiest Type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is the year’s very first olive oil, newly pressed and fresh as can be.

A bottle of it can transform your cooking. It also delivers a higher level of polyphenols, or the antioxidants found in plants that may reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, than any other type of extra virgin olive oil. Translation? It's one of the healthiest bottles you can buy.

Olio nuovo, unlike most other olive oils, doesn’t go through aging to clear olive sediment. In skipping this step, a younger, fresher olive oil results. It also keeps those olive particles alive in the oil. Olio nuovo isn’t racked or filtered—common steps undertaken to clear olive sediment for a bright golden bottle—meaning that tiny flavor-packed particles suspend in green-tinted olio nuovo, like specks of dust in a sunbeam.

These solids give olio nuovo a bright but brief life. Olio nuovo stays pristine for about three to four months. But these fine pulpy solids, together with uncommon freshness, give olio nuovo its magic.

Visually, olio nuovo is unlike other extra virgin olive oils. When shaken or agitated a bit, it is thickly cloudy, like farm-style apple cider but with a green-ish cast, a faint neon green hard to believe until seen.
Olio Nuovo

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