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Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar

R 150.00



Most fruit vinegars are just white wine vinegars infused with fruit flavoring. We at Vinegar Hill use fruit wine: The juice is pressed from ripe Raspberry hand-picked from the farm and fermented into vinegar. Several kilograms of raspberry are required to make just one liter of vinegar.  The raspberry pulp is aged for at least 3 years and then hand filtered by our vinegar master.  The result is a complex flavor that dazzles any salad and pairs beautifully with steamed vegetables and hard cheeses like Manchego, Pecorino Toscano, and Parmigiano Reggiano. Add a few drops to mineral water for a sophisticated change.
*100% Organic
* No Additives
* Made from Fresh Raspberries

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