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Lemon  Balsamic vinegar

Lemon Balsamic vinegar

R 150.00



Our Lemons are harvested at the peak.  They are then sorted out and carefully pressed

After the juice is simmered at a considerable temperature for several days, the flavours and the fruit sugar become concentrated. The juice is then filled into barrels and brought to an alcoholic fermentation. When the desired alcohol level has been reached, we air the derived wine and inject it with pure cultured vinegar bacteria (= mother-of-vinegar). After the fermentation process, the young vinegar will mature in oak barrels. We leave the barrels to the weather, so that the vinegar can “work” with the seasons. During wintertime, a kind of hibernation takes place, and in summer, due to hot temperatures, liquid can evaporate through the wood’s pores, whereby the volume decreases from year to year (lasting five years at least) and the vinegar becomes more condensed.  The result is a lemon vinegar with a distinct citrus taste yet subtle and soft to the palette.

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