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Buy the freshest Extra Virgin Oils and Vinegars at our shop

Come visit our Shop at shop no 4 Section Street Business Centre, 7 Section Street Paarden Eiland to embark on an oil and vinegar tasting extravaganza.  Come taste our extra virgin olive oils and experience what a fresh oil should taste like.  

African oils and Vinegars we only sell extremely fresh oil.  Oil unlike wine deteriorates with age, so the fresher the oil and closer you consume the oil to pressing date, the better the quality and the healthier it is for you.  All our Extra Virgin Olive Oils were harvested in June, 2020  this year and our nut oils was harvested at the similiar time.

When buying any extra virgin oil it is important to know when the oil was harvested.  And as an experiment try a 2 year old extra virgin olive oil and compare it to a freshly squezed extra virgin olive oil and you will immediately tast the difference. 

Olives are a fruit and extra virgin olive oil is the juice of the olive.  So would you buy a two year orange juice.  No!  So the same principle applies to Olive Oil.

Our commitment to you, is to only offer you fresh, tasty and healthy oils. 

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