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At African Oils, we only source exceptional extra virgin oils from South Africa directly from the farmer.  In this way we can offer you a very good price and by forming a relationship with the farmer, we guarantee the quality of our products. Our speciality has always been extra virgin olive oil and we offer the freshest, tastiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil available. However, we encourage you to sample and experiment with other extra virgin oils which are as healthy and tasty. 

What is an oil without a vinegar?  We at African Oils can truly offer you the best vinegars in the World grown and produced in Stellenbosch. Vinegar Hill’s range of Tomato, Lemon, Raspberry, Granadilla, are all 100% natural vinegars made purely from the fruit.  The herb vinegars, Basil and Thyme made with selected Grape Cultivars, capture the essence of the herb and are used enthusiastically by leading cooks and chefs. And don’t forget our gifting and related product sections which offer stylish Italian oil dispensers from Sansone and had crafted chopping boards from Chefs Block.

And one final comment!  You will see from our site that you can buy our oils in differant sizes and you might wonder from the pictures why we have not included the oil.  This had been done deliberately as the colour of the oil does not indicate its quality.  In fact, at Olive Oil competitions around the world, judges taste olive oil in brightly coloured glasses so that they dont see the colour of the oil. In this way they only judge the oil on its taste and smell.  

Happy Cooking, Stay Healthy, Taste and Enjoy!!

How does it work

How does it work

At African Oils, we offer you exceptional South African Extra Virgin Oils at a very good price.   We achieve this in two ways. 

1. We keep our packaging simple. For us, it is what is in the bottle that counts. 

2.  We also reward those that buy more. The more you buy the better the price. 

So, you choose the bottle size and oil and we fill for you. It is that simple.

But if you want to really save, we offer two other exciting options for you.
1. You visit our store and bring your own container – We fill for you.
2 .If you don’t want to visit our store we will come to you house and fill for you.



Our Cooking Oils make the healthiest of gifts. But why not make the healthiest gift, the perfect gift, by including that something extra!

We have the finest, imported Italian oil dispensers and handmade wooden chopping boards which will make a beautiful but useful addition to your kitchen.

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